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TAKADA’s Transfer Switches work with two solenoids and have built high trust by very reliable and rapid switching.
We have a lineup of all models for Transfer Switches in a wide range from low end to high end.

These switches have long years of achievement for backup of communication power supplies at home and abroad and currently have high trust for needs of high-speed switching in data centers.

Message from President

PHOTOTAKADA continues to take up challenges

In the history of about 90 years from the day of establishment, TAKADA has devoted its energies to technical development and has built trust and made satisfactory results in Asian countries, including Japan, as well as other countries in the world. I am very grateful to many business partners in the world and their patronage for many years.
We are striving to provide a lineup of products suited to markets by using high-end techniques, and are doing our best to develop and improve low-end products and provide reasonable price and delivery.
We have an intention of taking up challenges by making full use of the overseas networks that we have built to date.

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